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Expand your running knowledge, identify running misconceptions and become a faster, healthier, SMARTER runner. Let Brodie Sharpe become your new running guide as he teaches you powerful injury insights from his many years as a physiotherapist while also interviewing the best running gurus in the world. This is ideal for injured runners & runners looking for injury prevention and elevated performance. So, take full advantage by starting at season 1 where Brodie teaches you THE TOP PRINCIPLES TO OVERCOME ANY RUNNING INJURY and let’s begin your run smarter journey. Brodie Sharpe 2020
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Brodie unpacks the causes, treatments and management principles of lower-limb muscle strains: Tune in to this episode to learn: The differences between a grade 1,2 and 3 muscle strain. Common areas
16th Jan 2022
38 minutes
In today's solo episode, Brodie dives into his tips to help runners who are managing multiple injuries.  When injured, it can be tough to plan a running schedule, find cross-training options and
13th Jan 2022
36 minutes
In today's episode, Brodie talks about the difference between an innocent niggle and an injury. Brodie breaks down his own ideas, thoughts and definitions between the two experiences and the
9th Jan 2022
36 minutes
Lindsey is a PT and also competed as a 4-year scholar-athlete playing soccer. Furthering her career she became a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in 2016.  She then completed the
6th Jan 2022
1 hour
After developing PHT in 2016, Michelle encountered 13 doctors and 3 years of pain before reaching an accurate diagnosis. Through lifestyle changes, strength exercises and finding the right therapist,
2nd Jan 2022
37 minutes
Nathan Carlson is a US-based Physical Therapist and co-host of the Runners Zone podcast. Brodie and Nathan talk about the importance of developing independence during a runner's rehabilitation and
19th Dec 2021
1 hour
Charlie Reid is a kinesiologist and S&C specialist. Today, Charlie talks about the 5 common errors runners make with strength training. Here are the errors we will discuss today: Allocating too much
12th Dec 2021
1 hour
Glen is an international lecturer, physiotherapist and guest speaker on the topic of mental health and running.  Today, we discuss the benefits running can have on your physical and
9th Dec 2021
54 minutes
Inspired by a chapter in the upcoming run smarter book. Brodie chats about the spread of misinformation and misconceptions.  Searching on the internet, it is common to come across FADs,
2nd Dec 2021
50 minutes
Shane Johnstone is an ultra runner, exercise physiologist and race director at Transcend trails. Today, Shane talks about the skills and drills you can implement to become a better trail runner. We
25th Nov 2021
52 minutes
Denny Krahe is a Running coach & the host of Diz Runs Radio. Today, we dive into HR and effort-based training. I and the podcast patrons ask the following questions: What are heart rate and
21st Nov 2021
1 hour
In today's episode, I go into detail about the 4 reasons runners are told to buy new shoes. 1.) When it reaches a certain timeframe (eg. every 12 months). 2.) When the shoes reach a certain mileage
18th Nov 2021
41 minutes
Quantifying your rate of received exhaustion (RPE) is essential to every runner. It can help you: Accurately calculate your training impulse (TRIMP) Surpass the limitation of running speed and
11th Nov 2021
28 minutes
Peter Fracis is the Author of the book 'Running from injury - why runners get injured and how to stop in'. On today's episode, Peter talks about the start of his running journey and the number of
24th Oct 2021
49 minutes
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