What is a healthy running weight? with Megan Flanagan

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Megan Flanagan is a former collegiate runner who has a bachelor in nutrition, background in psychology, a personal trainer, running coach, ultra and trail runner and the host of Strong Runner Chicks podcast.

With a special interest in body image, eating disorders, nutrition and self care, I invite Megan onto the podcast to talk about race weight, the unhealthy habits and unhelpful misconceptions surrounding this topic.

Our conversation first focuses on the younger athlete and the issues this population face around body image and the false understanding that 'thinner means faster'. Megan discusses the 'trap' a lot of young runners find themselves in. Initially losing weight might generate results, but striving on the same path leads to detrimental effects.

We then focus our attention on the middle-aged recreational runner, and our current understanding around weight loss, performance & health. 

Megan helps us to understand that weight loss shouldn't be the primary focus, rather, a secondary outcome if the body naturally sees this trend as a healthy direction. 

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