Safe Weight-loss Methods for Runners with Dr. Nick Fuller

Other Health Professionals

Dr. Nick Fuller is the program leader at the University of Sydney working to identify & develop a long-term cost-effective treatment for obesity & related physical/mental health disorders.

Nick has developed the 'Interval weight loss program' which has been shown clinically to be the most superior long-term weight loss strategy. 

We start by addressing some common myths and misconceptions with traditional weight loss diets. We then define the interval weight loss program, why it is so effective and what the evidence shows compared to other diets. 

Dr. Fuller has 6 key components of healthy living within this program. He discusses all these in detail:

  1. Can't fight evolution
  2. Nature First
  3. Full Rainbow
  4. Use Chopsticks
  5. Choose to Move
  6. No blue light after twilight

Lastly, we answer your patron questions around age differences & diet, intermittent fasting approaches and whether the focus should be around 'living healthy' rather than 'weight loss'.

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