The new science of healing with Dr. Jeff Rediger

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Dr. Jeffrey Rediger is a Harvard trained medical doctor and is the author of Cured: The life-changing science of spontaneous healing. 

Today, Brodie and Jeff talk about the underlying lifestyle factors that hinder recovery and contribute to pain throughout the body. In relation to running, we discuss why some runners struggle to overcome their running-related injuries and are unable to achieve a pain-free state.

Dr. Rediger discusses his 4 pillars to spontaneous healing, including Nutrition, Immune System, Stress & Identify. We unpack all these and how it applies to the running population.

This is a fascinating conversation if you are interested on persistant pain and how to overcome it. 

Link here to Jeff's Instagram @drjeffreyrediger and also his website.

Don't forget to check out his book Cured: The life-changing science of spontaneous healing 

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